Reflective Loop Recovery Straps (STRP-330/STRP-230/STRP-315)

A must-have for off-road recovery!

Hi-Lift Reflective Loop Recovery Straps are ideal for winching and recovery use with a Hi-Lift jack. The polyester material allows for a controlled pull and will reduce dangerous recoil. Designed for slower, more exact extraction requirements. The reflective loops make night recovery easier. With minimal light, the loops reflect and "shine" making it much easier to see both connecting points during the night recovery process.

Available in 3 sizes:

  • 3" x 30' (30,000 lb. capacity)
  • 2" x 30' (20,000 lb. capacity)
  • 3" x 15' (Tree Saver, 30,000 lb. capacity)