Frequently Asked Questions about Hi-Lift Jacks

Q: What is the difference between the All-Cast (red) Jack and the Cast & Steel (Black) Jack?
A: The All-Cast Jack is made of all cast parts, while the Cast & Steel Jack has cast parts, along with 4 stamped steel parts.

Q: Which Jack is stronger or better?
A: Both Jacks have the same features and weight capacities ANSI/ASME 4660 lbs. (7000 lbs.). The all-cast jack will last longer when frequently used, but both jacks are very durable.

Q: Where can I buy parts for my jack?
A: Parts for all Hi-Lift Jacks can be purchased through the manufacturer by calling 800-233-2051 (or 812-384-4441) or shop online at our eBay store. If you do not know what parts you need, customer service/sales can assist you, or click here to go to a parts sheet.


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