Hi-Lift Product Testimonials

Hi-Lift Jacks succeed where others fail in extreme conditions

"I am the First Sergeant of an Infantry Company that is preparing for our second deployment to Iraq later this year. In 2005, as an Infantry Squad Leader in Iraq, I found myself leading three armored "Gun Trucks" that were securing a re-supply convoy of 20 civilian tractor-trailers moving into Baghdad from the south when we were attacked first by an IED, then by rocket propelled grenades and machine gun fire. One of our Gun Trucks was immobilized by the blast and required us to replace two wheel and tire assemblies. That night, in the darkness and in the fight, our standard jack failed. (In spite of the equipment inspections done just prior to leaving on the mission.) We went through two more jacks from the other trucks in order to make the necessary repairs so we could move out of the "kill zone". It took almost twenty minutes to change two tires. At night, south of Baghdad, in the middle of a fire fight, twenty minutes is way, way too long. Luckily, none of our soldiers or the civilians we were responsible for were injured. I knew that would never happen to my men again. The next day, I ordered three Hi-Lift jacks off the internet and had them express mailed to me in Iraq. In the following months, my men found themselves in similar situations and worse with not a single jack failure even though our new Hi-Lift jacks were lifting extreme loads in the most extreme conditions. I have no doubt that lives were saved by the strength, speed, and simplicity of the Hi-Lift jack. We left those jacks behind for the next units that came after us, so I have no doubt that those same three jacks I bought in 2005 are still saving lives today. Now, as I prepare to lead a Company of men back to the same place, with 33 trucks instead of 3 this time, they will all carry a Hi-Lift jack."

First Sergeant Davis, Texas Army National Guard

Hi-Lift Jacks helped us out of a jam in Iraq

"Hey there! My name is Richard, I returned home from Iraq the middle of this year, and I just wanted to say that the Hi-Lift Jack is the greatest. I had one over there with me, and our Hummvee got stuck one day, well the jack lifted the truck, bent the jack some but, no worries, it still works. Thanks!"

Richard in Arizona

Over 100 years of quality

"I just purchased another HI-LIFT Jack. The one on my truck is getting pretty well worn……I'm writing to tell you how pleased I am that you are still building the same quality into your jacks as when I first used them in the 1950's. It's nice to see at least one company with the same continued quality over all these years. Thank you."

Larry in Arizona

Serving our troops with the dependable and versatile Hi-Lift jack

"I've spent over 60 months in Combat/Hostile Fire Zones. During one deployment to Iraq, my M1114 Up-armored Humvee was struck by an IED which damaged one rim. We managed to limp the truck to an Iraqi Police station and set up security. We tried just about everything to get the rim off but one of the wheel studs had been bent. We beat it with a sledge hammer with no luck. I placed my Hi-Lift jack between the rim and the frame of the truck and was able to pry the damaged rim off and replace with a new rim/tire and continue on with our mission of training/leading the Iraqi Police on combat patrols to help secure Baghdad. Thanks!"

SSG Payne in North Carolina

When it's a heavy-duty situation, the tool had better be a Hi-Lift!

"I broke a shear bolt on my HI-LIFT during a rescue. Could I please have 2 sent to me? The HI-LIFT saved my wife's legs after a rockslide, but I sheared the pin in the process. I can't find one in South Africa."

John in Cape Town, So. Africa

A product you can depend on.

"I just did my civic duty today. A truck tried to use my driveway as a U turn and wound up in the ditch in the pouring rain. The rear wheel was a foot off the ground and he buried the front end deep into the ditch. Being an avid owner of fine tools I own a red HI-LIFT jack. I proudly brought it out for him to see and he had no idea what it was. I lifted the truck about 2 feet off the ground and put some boards under his wheels and he drove right out. The plan worked perfectly the first time. He asked me where he could buy a HI-LIFT jack."

Gary location unknown

Just about the most versatile piece of off-roading/farm/auto recovery equipment you can buy.

"HI-LIFT has never let me down. It's amazing how a simple tool can be so handy in such a wide variety of situations. Thank you."

John from Wisconsin

Helping you survive in the most demanding situations.

"I am writing to express my extreme pleasure in my purchase of your HI-LIFT Jack. Our need for a better lifting device was apparent the first time we had a flat tire. It took us 1½ hours and two scissor jacks to change one blowout. I ordered your 60" HI-LIFT jack as soon as we got back from our patrol. Since I got it, we have had numerous other opportunities to use it. In one instance I changed a tire for some higher ranking officers and NCO's who then went and ordered their own jacks. One of our up-armored HMMWV's was hit by an IED and the damage included 3 shredded tires. From the time I dropped off the HI-LIFT jack, it took the crew about 15 minutes to change the tires. I thank you for making such a good product. (pictures attached) "

Gregory in Al Asad, Iraq

Fire Department Depends on Hi-Lift Jacks for Saving Lives

"I just wanted to say thank you! I personally own a few hi-lift jacks, and use them for just about everything. The typical stuck truck, pulling fences, moving sheds, moving all types of miscellaneous equipment, and so many more, the jack has almost endless possibilities.

"I am the Lieutenant on the local fire company, and a while back I purchased 2 hi-lifts to put on our rescue truck. Over a year ago we had an incident where a farm tractor flipped over onto a person. We tried using our air bags, res-q-jacks, and jaws of life to move the tractor, and had no success, until I broke out the hi-lifts. If it wasn t for the Hi-lifts it would have taken much more time to get the tractor off of the person.

"So again thank you for making such a great product. Hopefully we will never again have to use the hi-lifts for another life safety incident, but I will continue to keep one in every one of my tool boxes and my use them in my everyday life."

Eric in New Jersey

Versatility is Unmatched

"Although I have had many 4WD vehicles since 1977 I have only had one HI-Lift Jack. It is the one tool I will not venture off-road without. I can't count the number of times it has gotten me out of tough situations. I have used it for moving logs while cutting wood to breaking tire beads. The jack handle alone in an invaluable tool. Thanks for manufacturing a product that far exceeds expectation's."

John in Pennsylvania

We perform where "knock-offs" can't.

"In the 37 years The Turtle Expedition, Unltd. has been exploring the backroads of the world, we have never left home without a Hi Lift Jack. At least half of the times we have been "stuck", or needed to move an object, a winch was no help. The Hi Lift Jack is surely one of the most valuable and indispensable tools an overland traveler can carry."

Gary Wescott
The Turtle Expedition, Unltd.
Writer, Photographer, Producer