Kant-SlamKant-Slam: Hydraulic Gate and Door Closer: mountain backdrop through chainlink fence

Kant-Slam Testimonials

"Having been involved in the maintenance and repair business for the last 22 years, I have garnered more than just the basic knowledge of gates, doors, and closers. If there is any particular point that cannot be emphasized enough, it is that, with any closer, installation is critical. I have come across dozens of gate and door closers that do not work, simply because they were mounted incorrectly. I am still maintaining Kant-Slam® closers on pool and entry gates that I personally installed, and know they have put in over 12 years of service, with only minor maintenance. Not real pretty, somewhat difficult to open, as you have to 'load' the springs to close the gate, but very functional, paintable, and dependable."

Lou in La Mesa, California